FOSDEM'19 Quantum Computing devroom

Saturday, February 2, 2019, Brussels, Belgium


Quantum computing is a new emerging field that coming out of the lab and finding its applications in the real world. The space of the open source software for quantum computing is blooming with this trend, with researchers and hardware providers alike investing in creating software infrastructure for this new computing paradigm.

With that in mind, the purpose of this devroom is twofold:

  • to flatten down the learning curve and break perceived barriers that prevent developers from entering the field of quantum software development
  • to ensure that the field is dominated by high-quality, community driven FOSS open source software, standards and protocols

Many of the players have open sourced libraries to build quantum computing circuits and interact with their platforms, both actual hardware and simulators. However, not enough attention is given to building a wider quantum computing community and current trajectory leads to multiple silos, projects that are driven by commercial interest without liberal community driven governance structure.

FOSDEM is one of the largest gatherings of open source community in the world, which happens yearly at the ULB Capus Solbosch, Brussels, Belgium. As such, it is an ideal place not only to showcase and discuss new ideas and developments in the space of quantum computing, but also help break down the barriers in adopting quantum computing by software developers.

This event is supported by Unitary Fund, If you require financial travel support, please reach out to:


We welcome submissions that are devoted to the following topics:

  • Introduction of open source projects in quantum computing
  • Future directions and roadmaps of existing projects
  • Use-cases and experiences of using existing open source software projects for quantum computing research and quantum software development
  • Identification of possible gaps in the space of open source for quantum computing
  • Discussions about the state of the open source community and possible ways of improving it

and other topics that relate to quantum computing software.


We encourage both talks and workshop formats. We suggest following durations, including questions:

  • 20 min - lighting talks
  • 45-60 min - talks
  • 90-120 min - workshops

Note that the talks at FOSDEM are captured (and streamed) under the CC-BY licence. Speakers are hence required to give permission to being recorded.

Submit proposals either using the FOSDEM submission system:

or sending them to the email address:

Include speaker info, title, short abstract and description (up to 200 words).

Pentabarf instructions: To submit your talk, click on “Create Event” and then select the “Quantum computing” as the “Track”. If you have already spoken at FOSDEM previously, please re-use your account.


Call for participation available: Sunday Nov 18th 2018

Call for participation closes: Wednesday Dec 12th 2018 (23:59 UTC)

Devroom schedule available: Monday Dec 17th 2018

Devroom date: Saturday February 2nd 2019 (10.30am - 7pm)



Please, take a moment to read the FOSDEM Code of Conduct.